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Public Tours

BG Tractor Pull Public Tour

You may have heard about their legendary eateries, but this funky little college town is also crafting up some pretty awesome beer. Brew Bus tours are the ultimate way to support local businesses and experience the unique vibes found in Bowling Green’s brewery scene.

Cost: From: $55.00

Tours Offered: Friday June 10 & 24, August 19 and Sept. 16 and 23

Passengers: Up to 14 people

Public Tours

Flag City Public Tour

Support your local beertender and join us for a one-of-a-kind trip that visits the more rural areas on the 419 Ale Trail. Hop aboard the Brew Bus as we travel in search of a taste of the best brews in the Flag City area.

Cost: From: $55.00

Tours Offered: Thursday June 30, Sept. 22 & 29

Passengers: Up to 14 passengers

$50 Brew Bus Gift Card

Looking for a unique gift everyone loves? Purchase a 419 Brew Bus Gift Card. Purchase in amounts of $50, these gift cards can be applied to any private or VIP Brew Bus tour rental.

Cost: $50.00