We want you to have a fantastic experience on our bus so we have a few rules to keep everyone safe and keep the party rolling.

1. Be on time

We want you to enjoy your experience and the best way to make sure you’re on time for your pick-ups.

2. Bring Your ID

You look under 40, trust us.

3. Less Is More

We love your stuff, but the more you bring, the more chances as you get off and on the bus, something might get left behind. Less is more.

4. Stay Hydrated

We’ll have water available on the bus. We have experience in this, you’ll want to stay hydrated.

5. Don’t be a Richard

No one likes a party pooper. The beers you’ll be sampling may contain more alcohol than you are used to. Please be responsible. If you become too intoxicated to the point of being rude or disruptive at any brewery or on our bus, you will be ejected from the bus and no refunds will be given. Additionally, if you are sick on the bus an extra cleaning fee up to $200 will be charged.

6. No Smoking

No smoking – cigarettes, e-cigs, cigars, or smoking in the bus at any time.

7. Stop & Collaborate

Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before you exit.

Rules For Labor Day 2021 Glass City Brew Hop

  • You must purchase a wristband to ride
  • You can hop on and off at any location on the loop, we’ll be back in 35-45 minutes
  • Wristbands are only good one (1) day
  • The Brew Bus is not handicapped accessible, you must be able to get on and off by yourself to ride.
  • No drinks are allowed on the bus

Public tours subject to cancelation due to weather, insufficient interest or other circumstances.  All Cancelled tours will be refunded the whole amount.